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GlamXpert is manufacturer of luxury glamping tents, and all related luxury facilities and accessories.

GlamXpert is expert of glamping tent supplier that manufacture luxury tent and all related facilities and accessories.

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing luxury tent, multi-top resort tent home, aman tent, resort dome tent, lodge glamping tent,  safari tent which are perfect for hospitality, leisure, rental and event industry.  We know the biggest advantage of luxury tent compared to permanent building is its eco-friendly features.  With 0 damage to the environment, GlamXpert make your customers’ camping luxurious!

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What's GlamXpert's MOQ (minimum order quantity) ?

As long as you are in need of luxury tent, we can supply even 1 set of tent to you. The point is that the more you buy the more discount you can get.

What's your warranty period?

3 years warranty on fabric and membrane while 10 years warranty on frame, excluding intended damage and accidental damage.

How long does it take to set-up a glamping tent?

That all depends on which tent. Some tents can be set up in a day or two while others will take a week or more assuming that the deck is already built.

What kind of weather and earth conditions can your glamping tent adapt to?

From seaside beach to moutain forest, from Africa to North Europe, our glamping tents are able to adapt to any circumstances you think of. However you’d better let us know more information such as ground conditions, weather, humidity, wind power, so that we know which part should get reinforced and give you precise suggestions.

How long will it take to receive my tents after I place order?

Shipping times may vary depending on the port of destination. On average, it takes between 30 and 45 days to ship your order via ocean freight. Air freight is faster choice, but much more expensive. Keep in mind that most of our orders (depending on model and quantity) take about 1 month to manufacture.

As professional glamping tent supplier, where do you suggest us setting up the tents?

GlamXpert’s glamping tents are suitable for most resort purposes. These tents can be installed in areas like beach, jungle, mountain, prairie, desert, and even in your garden. It’s strong enough to adjust to most of weather conditions.

Is your luxury tent | glamping tent certified?

Yes, all tents manufactured by GlamXpert are ISO certified. All luxury tents will go through rigorous testing procedures before shipping, quality is our priority.

Will you help us install the tents?

Most of the time customer is responsible for installing the luxury tent. We are able to come and supervise the set-up process for you, but we do charge for that service. If you are able to e-mail, call in and/or send us digital pictures and we can help you remotely with the setup – there is no extra cost for this.


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