glamping tent container tent

March 2018 New Product Container Tent, Container Style Is Adopted

At the beginning of the year, GlamXpert released new products such as container tent and upgraded tensile film tent.     The main body of the room was a container wall, and the glass wall was replaced, which improved the vulnerability of closed space and open limited vision.     Tensile film structure is…

tent hotel campsite

Tent Hotel Campsite – A Best Place for Getaways

The Unique Charm Of Tent Hotel   Just arrived at our destination, I was surprised: Hey? Is this the door to the tent hotel? There is no grandeur, but as low-key and quiet as the home doorway, completely different from what I imagined.   After careful inquiry with housekeeper, the hotel door slowly…

Tent Resort Pic

Safari Tent Resort In China

Safari Tent Resort In China   The Xilong Tea Valley tented resort is located in the hundreds acres of tea garden. There are traditional farm lives,  secluded bamboo forests, and green mountains, all of which constitute the most traditional China and rural life painting with landscapes.   In modern life, safari represents a search…

ecotourism 4

Ecotourism – GlamXpert Took Their Luxury Tents To Countryside

In the 1990s, an upsurge of tourist picking agriculture emerged in the north of China. People drove to the agricultural greenhouse to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits. At noon, they ate the picked foods near the greenhouse and gradually established a fixed dining trend.   Then, this catering model gradually…

Event Tents and pagoda tents

Pagoda Tents And Event Tents For Glamping Activities

Pagoda Tents & Event Tents On Grassland For Glamping Activities In December 2017, GlamXpert got order from a customer who asked us to set up pagoda tents, event tents, they will use them for celebration and glamping activities on their grassland.   And now the spring of 2018 comes quietly,…