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Ecotourism – GlamXpert Took Their Luxury Tents To Countryside

In the 1990s, an upsurge of tourist picking agriculture emerged in the north of China. People drove to the agricultural greenhouse to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits. At noon, they ate the picked foods near the greenhouse and gradually established a fixed dining trend.   Then, this catering model gradually…

Event Tents and pagoda tents

Pagoda Tents And Event Tents For Glamping Activities

Pagoda Tents & Event Tents On Grassland For Glamping Activities In December 2017, GlamXpert got order from a customer who asked us to set up pagoda tents, event tents, they will use them for celebration and glamping activities on their grassland.   And now the spring of 2018 comes quietly,…

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Glamping In Winter – Luxury Tent House Is A Good Choice

Find Appropriate Campsite for Winter Glamping   In winter, you don’t worry about pests and rattlesnakes, and there’s not as much noise as that in other seasons. There is no such a quiet place like a mountain in winter. Feeling cold winter is so different from glamping in cold winter. Winter glamping…

china glamping tent at night

China Glamping Tent Resort In Leshan Starts Operation

China Glamping Tent Resort- Experience The Unique Aesthetics Of Canvas Canopy   About one month ago, when we were introducing this China Glamping Tent Resort based in Leshan City Sichuan Province. You see clutter of on spot installation. Only a month’s time everything has changed and the luxury tented campsite is…

Glamping Tent

Ultra Luxury Glamping Experience with Supplier GlamXpert

GlamXpert Make Your Glamping Experience Extraordinary   Harry Potter has a kind of magic skill. A small tent looks shabby from its outside, when you step in, you see large and luxurious rooms, with all facilities.  The roles in the world of magic, even though they are,  they still pursue comfort…

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GlamXpert Invite You To Forest Luxury Glamping

Compared with artificial landscape, nature’s luxury glamping is more precious.   Glamping stands for glamour camping or luxury camping, It’s not only material enjoyment, but spiritual enjoyment.   Of course, Glamping is not that superficial, tourism resources and leisure experiences are the top priorities. Whether there are beautiful and natural…

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Full Sphere Tent Home In Trees

Full Sphere Tent Home Resort Installed In Trees   All full sphere tent homes are in light colors. Each spherical tent has a transparent sunroof, through which tourists can see outside sceneries in all seasons.     Glamping tents are more and more popular, and with unique dome structure and great cost-effective performance, sphere…