cabin tents
cabin tents
cabin tent
cabin tent
cabin tent interior
cabin tent interior

Roof Option: standard roof | membrane roof


Wind Resistance: 88km per hour, 0.6kN per sqm


Snow-load: 35kg per sqm


Framework: Hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061/T6 which can last for more than 20 years. (hardness: 15-17 HW)


Roof & wall cloth material: PVDF membrane, which is 100% waterproof, super self-cleaning, super weather resistant, flame retardant to B1, DIN 4102, shading semi-transparent, anti-mosquito, anti mildew, anti corrosion, and various colors are available.


Lifespan: 10~15 years.

Cabin Tents For Glamping


From design, material selection, custom production, to line layout, interior planning, interior design, and all issues related to the ventilation, insulation, privacy, security and other issues affecting the accommodation experience. GlamXpert can give you a full range of solutions


Modular steel-wood frame can be safely and steadily used in different terrains. Its outdoors can withstand 8-10 grade gales, rain and snow, and is suitable for the environment at -30-70°C to ensure safety.


GlamXpert’s Cabin tents adopt canvas walls and only one glass wall where door is installed, which is quite different from luxury tent house the walls of which are all glass. This reduces cost and make cabin tents more economic, but it still possesses the natural beauty and comfort of glamping tents. Glamping Tent For Sale




Description of Cabin Tents



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