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Roof Option: standard roof | membrane roof


Wind Resistance: 88km per hour, 0.6kN per sqm


Snow-load: 35kg per sqm


Framework: Galvanized Steel frame which can last for more than 20 years. (hardness: 15-17 HW)


Roof & wall cloth material: PVDF membrane, which is 100% waterproof, super self-cleaning, super weather resistant, flame retardant to B1, DIN 4102, shading semi-transparent, anti-mosquito, anti mildew, anti corrosion, and various colors are available.


Lifespan: 10~15 years.

Geodesic Resort Dome


The geodesic resort dome is a new type of glamping tent, the shape of which is similar to a ball. Because of its solid structure, large space and comfort, it is widely used in camping parks and scenic spots, and is often used in private backyards.


GlamXpert’s geodesic resort dome is based on honeycomb elastic effect, the large space of the sphere and the egg effect, and the space facilities with high stability, high pressure resistance and high utilization efficiency, have high wind resistance, high pressure resistance, and high shock resistance.


The space utilization of GlamXpert adopts multi-dome conjoined technology to create super-large space and flooring space. The conjoined unit can be composed of 2 or more combinations. It can be a achieved by dome-like space concatenation or corridors connection, it is able to connect to other buildings by means of corridors connections.


Whether it is a single oversized dome or one-piece oversized dome, it has its own unique and spacious interior without pillars, and its stability is superior. The beamless space on the one hand saves part of the construction cost and also makes the interior space utilization flexible.




Dome Tent Description.


The unique dome-shaped structure combines the scientific design and construction with nature. The combination ofunique space convection and scientific windowing inside the dome, making the interior of Dome Tent an all-natural air convection ecological circulation system . The air convection eco-circulatory system solves the problem of ventilation and air exchange in large spaces and realizes energy-saving to reduce cost.


To reduce energy consumption, we attach importance to environmental safety; no logging, there is no digging, we respect all the original terrain.


Through the finely carved triangular frame, feel the beautiful scenery as if surrounded by the picture frame. The integration of people and painting, step into the exclusive pearl castle (GlamXpert Resort Dome Tent)!


Check out more information about GlamXpert’s Dome Tent here.