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Framework – high strength steel: Q235 steel, high strength, anti-earthquake, wind-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-insects, anti-cracking.

Wall frame – eco wall panels: light weight, energy saving 60% more than that of concrete wall insulation, conform with US A-class refractory standards, noise insulation moisture, great load bearing and seismic performance, all building materials are eco-friendly.

Wall surface – eco plastic wood: Solid wood and plastic combination, good moisture resistance, acid and alkali, fungi, anti-static.

Roof | Canopy – PVC gusset plate, fire insulation rock wool board, OSB board, waterproof membrane fiberglass tile: made of new eco-friendly materials, full-featured moisture-proof noise insulation, air pollution-free.

Flooring – PVC eco flooring: PVC floor refers to the polyethylene material flooring. With decorative, fast construction, environmental non-toxic renewable features, it is comfortable, wear-resistant, non-slip, fire retardant, waterproof, anti-moisture, sound absorption, antibacterial.

Window frame – low-E glass and broken bridge aluminum (plastic) composite windows, high-intensity explosion-proof anti-seismic, anti-radiation, significantly reduce the indoor and outdoor heat transfer, to achieve a high excellent energy-saving effect.

GlamXpert’s Membrane Safari Tent


Tensile film structure is a new form of building structure developed in the middle of the 20th century.

The unique curved shape of the exterior gives it a strong sculptural feeling, and the light transmission of the membrane provides the required illumination for the building.


GlamXpert’s membrane tent adopt high-strength membrane material, combining membrane structure and tectonics. Based on natural conditions and ethnic customs, it can build a beautiful and durable tent hotel that meets the local ethnic culture.



The tensile film safari tent adopts the combination of high-strength membrane materials and tensioning technology, which has greatly improved the wind-resistance and rain-resistance. In the No side effect such as deformation occurs in the temperature range of -20°C to 80°.


Energy Saving

Since the film material itself has a good light transmission effect (light transmittance: 6% – 12%), There is soft natural light during daytime in the tent, which can save a lot of energy.


Artistic Quality: Based on the modeling and color science, the membrane structure can be combined with the natural conditions and national customs to create curves and shapes that are difficult to be achieved by traditional architectures. Membrane structure – the architect’s romantic vision, enjoy the natural beauty of GlamXpert’s luxury membrane safari tents.


Membrane Safari Tent Description


Self-cleaning: Our membrane safari tents are self-cleaning.
The protective coating (such as PVDF, PTFE, etc.) on the surface of the membrane has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and its surface is as smooth as lotus leaves, so the dust can be washed away on the membrane surface naturally by rain.
Short Installation Time: All processing and production procedures of membrane safari tent are completed in GlamXpert factory, which reduces on-site construction time, and avoid cross construction. You’ll just need to install the manufactured parts at your campsite.