GlamXpert’s New Luxury Tented Camp

The luxury tent hotel is actually a modular house, and its construction is far quicker and easier than that of permanent building. Although a large number of reinforced concrete structures used in modern buildings are firm and diversified, they lack the atmosphere of communicating with the starry sky and nature. Therefore, the tent hotels bring a kind of enjoyment to the people living in the busy urban life.


In January, we have shared our photos of the peach blossom island, GlamXpert didn’t set up glamping tents, and everything is silent in the cold winter wind

And now when we come back to this place again in March, everything changed, trees are budding. Flowers are blossoming.


luxury tent
Especially peach blossom, you can see the pink blooms everywhere. And now the project of luxury tented camp is contracted and GlamXpert is starting framework and canopy of the luxury tent houses. The interior are still left empty. Hopefully we can see the completed project in May.

GlamXpert luxury tent house framework is high-strength steel structure manufactured by the international industry standard DIN. It has a class 10 wind resistance, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized, with a thickness of ≥50um. Each part is connected with high-strength bolt.


luxury tented camp

The outside tarpaulin adopts khaki film material (a variety of colors are optional) After pre-stretching, the surface of the tarpaulin is tightly connected with the structure, the surface is PVDF coated, with UV resistance, tensile strength 5000N, BI fire rating, The innside tarpaulin is designed to have thermal insulation.


luxury tent


The interior of GlamXpert’s glamping tent is spacious and comfortable. It has all facilities built in.
Customized furniture style, bathroom, air conditioning, multi peak design is especially suitable for family Rooms, senior suites, to create a comfortable outdoor space, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. We redefine wild camping.


luxury tent


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