Luxury Tent House
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Luxury Tent House
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Roof Option: standard roof | membrane roof


Wind Resistance: 88km per hour, 0.6kN per sqm


Snow-load: 35kg per sqm


Framework: Hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061/T6 which can last for more than 20 years. (hardness: 15-17 HW)


Roof & wall cloth material: PVDF membrane, which is 100% waterproof, super self-cleaning, super weather resistant, flame retardant to B1, DIN 4102, shading semi-transparent, anti-mosquito, anti mildew, anti corrosion, and various colors are available.


Lifespan: 10~15 years.

Features of GlamXpert’s Eco-friendly Multi-Top Luxury Resort Tent


Structure: The integrated luxury tent is a new type of resort hotel. It is made of aluminum frame structures, together with new thermal insulation and high strength wall material structures


Material: The facade of house tent adopts the new eco-friendly building materials – plastic wood as decoration, so as to achieve the advantages of beautiful appearance, long service life and low cost of use. The framework is made of steel components and new environmental protection wall board components.


High Strength: Compared with traditional concrete structure buildings, luxury house tents are environment-friendly and have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good seismic resistance performance, suitable for industrialization of residential buildings and in line with the strategy of sustainable development. Therefore, luxury house tents are widely promoted and applied.


Excellent performance: With the ultra-high strength, able to adapt to various circumstances and weather conditions including beach, mountain, forest, etc.

Luxury house resort tent si so eco-friendly that can be built without damaging the environment and cause 0 pollution.



Description of Multitop Glamping Tent

structure of multitop glamping tent